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Grant for undergraduate international students

Widener University is offering a 4-year grant to international students who start their bachelor's degree on the International First Year program. Save over $46,000 in tuition fees!

How much is the international student grant?

All undergraduate international students who enroll into Widener University in the 2013-14 academic year, through the International First Year, receive a 4-year grant of over $11,000* a year!

The $25,650 per year bachelor's degree tuition rate will be held for 4 years of undergraduate study - up to a maximum of 8 semesters at Widener University.

International students save over USD $46,000 for an undergraduate degree at a Top 200 ranked American university! Start your application now!

* 2-semester tuition of $25,650, compared to Widener University's listed undergraduate tuition rate of $37,370 per academic year

Who is eligible for the international student grant?

To be eligible for the 4-year grant, undergraduate students must:

  • be accepted for admission to the International Study Center at Widener University
  • successfully matriculate to a bachelor's degree program upon completion of your ISC program
  • maintain all conditions of your enrollment on a pathway or degree program at Widener University

There is no special application required for the grant. It is automatically extended to all International First Year students throughout their 4-year enrollment at Widener University.

When is the grant not applicable?

While you study on the International First Year program, the grant covers 2 semesters of tuition only. Students with lower English levels take a 3- or 4-semester program, and must pay extra tuition for the additional semesters.

If you fall below good academic standing (C average) during your time at Widener University.

If you must extend your degree courses beyond the 8th semester (i.e. into a 5th academic year of study), you will be charged at the Widener University-listed tuition rate of that current year.

Unfortunately, there are no grants available for graduate students at the International Study Center.