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Widener University ranks among America's 'Best Graduate Schools 2013'

April 3, 2012
Widener University in Philadelphia once again earns prominence in US News & World Report's shortlist of best graduate schools for 2012-2013.

Each year US News & World Report surveys top American universities to identify the best graduate programs for students getting a master's degree. For the 2012-2013 academic year, the publication surveyed 1200 universities and colleges in the USA and filtered out the best universities under nine broad categories: Business, Education, Fine Arts, Health, Social Sciences, Law, Science and Math, Library and Information Studies, and Public Affairs.

Top-ranking university in America

Widener University

Top-ranking university in the USA

Widener University earned recognition as one of the 'Best Business Schools' and 'Best Law Schools' for the forthcoming academic year, as well a listing under the 'Best Graduate Schools' for its high quality program offerings in the fields of Education and Public Affairs in US News & World Report's Best Grad Schools 2013 (link opens in a new window).

It also ranked well in various sub-categories in the field of Health:

  • #59 in Healthcare Management
  • #164 in Clinical Psychology
  • #104 in Social Work
  • #16 in Healthcare Law
  • #332 in Nursing
  • #121 in Physical Therapy

Widener's graduate schools are consistent in their effort to improve academic and research facilities for graduate students.

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