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End of semester celebrated over dinner in Philadelphia

December 14, 2012
Widener University international students enjoy a night out in Philadelphia to celebrate the end of a successful semester.

International students from Widener University celebrated the end of their first semester with instructor Gerald Johnson over dinner in the big city - Philadelphia. Following the conclusion of final exams Johnson took the students to dinner at Estia, a Greek restaurant in Center City Philadelphia. "Estia had a great ambiance for our gathering," said Johnson. "Most of the students were not familiar with Greek cuisine." The group enjoyed exploring different foods - calamari, grilled octopus, stuffed grape leaves, Greek salad, and taramasalata - over casual conversation.

International students learn English at dinner in Philadelphia

Hard work and some play -

international students on an outing in Philadelphia

Johnson enjoys spending time outside of class with his students to celebrate their hard work in less formal settings. The group met over lunch in Philadelphia earlier in the semester to continue practicing their English conversation skills, which prompted the idea to do something again after final exams. Students welcomed the relaxing evening out after a semester of hard work and discussed how much more confident they were of their English skills at the dinner than at the earlier lunch outing at the start of the semester.

At the conclusion of the meal Johnson provided every student with a copy of The Logic of Real Arguments by Alec Fisher. "The book is an excellent resource for learning the processes of critical thinking and I wanted them to study it over winter break," explained Johnson. In the spring semester, he will be teaching a critical thinking course which prepares international students for the level of evaluation and analysis that are required for the successful completion of a master's degree from a US University.