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Hospitality Management master's degree

The Pre-Master's Program leads to an ACPHA-accredited MS Hospitality and Tourism degree, taught at the Widener University School of Hospitality Management

On successful completion of the Pre-Master's Program graduate pathway, international students can matriculate into a Widener University master's degree in hospitality that fully prepares students for leadership roles in the global hospitality and tourism industry.

MS Hospitality and Tourism (30 credits)

The Hospitality and Tourism master's degree presents international students with outstanding opportunities for internships and career success, through ongoing relationships with more than 40 corporations. The program includes applied research, professional development, and emphasis on strategic management.


Classes are taught in the late afternoons or evenings, once a week. International students take 3 academic courses each semester, or 2 courses plus an internship.

HT 500 The Hospitality Environment 3 credits BUS 550 Organization Behavior & Management 1 credit BUS 620 Customer & Market Perspectives 1.5 credits BUS 630 Managing Human Capital 1.5 credits * Students can complete up to 3 pre-requisite courses during their Pre-Master's Program. The additional cost of these academic courses must be paid directly to Widener University. Credit-bearing courses are not included in the price of the Pre-Master's Program.

Core courses (18 credits)

HT 555 Statistics for Hospitality Operations 3 credits
HT 600 Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry 3 credits
HT 604 Strategic Human Resources in Hospitality Management 3 credits
HT 606 Strategic Marketing in the Hospitality Management 3 credits
HT 631 Research Methodology 3 credits
HT 645 Issues and Trends in Hospitality Management 3 credits

Elective courses (6 credits)

Choose 2 courses from the following list:

  • Beverage Management
  • Hospitality Technology
  • Casino Hotel Management
  • Principles of Tourism
  • Hospitality Labor Relations
  • Hospitality Industry Training Systems
  • Club Management
  • Resort & Timeshare Management
  • Managed Services
  • Special Events Management
  • Developing Management Skills
  • Management of Change
  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Current Issues in Managerial Accounting
  • International Economics
  • Economics of Multinational Enterprise
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Organizational Development

Hospitality Management internship

The Hospitality and Tourism internship gives international students real-world experience and provides excellent opportunities for making connections in the industry. The internship is taken alongside academic courses, and allows international students to work and qualify as full-time students. International students must register their internship as Curricula Practical Training (CPT).

Capstone course (6 credits)

Students have 2 options to complete the master's degree program requirements:

Option A: Monograph (research project) and Elective course
The research project for the MS Hospitality and Tourism degree may be:

  • a survey of the field of hospitality through a literature review
  • a discussion and analysis of a specific problem/issue
  • a case study/report
  • a comparative study
  • an interpretation of current knowledge

Students also take 1 course from the School of Hospitality Management electives (see list above).

Option B: Thesis
The master's thesis gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in the chosen research area. It is a paper of approximately 12,000 words that presents an original argument, has a substantial research component and a focus that falls within the area of hospitality management.

Top 20 hospitality program in USA

Brian Wei Liang

International student graduate of MS Hospitality and Tourism
"The School of Hospitality Management has taught me the core values of the hospitality industry. The curriculum combines academic and industry experience."
MS Hospitality and Tourism (2008)

Brian Wei Liang