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information about Pre-Master's program

The Pre-Master's is a preparation program designed for international graduate students. It leads to master's in Engineering, Hospitality and Business (including MBA preparation) at Widener University.


See fees page for cost of the Pre-Master's Program.

Program duration

The Pre-Master's Program is offered over 1 or 2 semesters. The duration depends on your English language level on entry, as indicated by an English test score:

  • 1-semester program - for students with English equivalent of TOEFL 70 iBT
  • 2-semester program - for students with equivalent of TOEFL 60 iBT

See graduate study timeline for full details.

Program content

International students on the Pre-Master's Program take English language courses alongside study skills and training for graduate admissions tests. Students spend over 21 hours in class each week, plus advising sessions.

Course content varies according to the discipline of your chosen master's degree: business, hospitality or engineering.

Academic credit courses

Pre-Master's courses do not carry academic credit. However, you may need to take pre-requisite undergraduate courses (additional tuition fee is charged): up to a maximum of 3 during the 2-semester Pre-Master's Program.

Pre-Master's students cannot take graduate credit courses until they finish the preparation program and matriculate into a master's degree.

Program start dates

You can join the Pre-Master's Program at the start of any semester:

  • early January for spring semester
  • mid-May for summer semester
  • mid-August for fall semester

Entry requirements

You must meet all the entry requirements for a Widener University master's degree program, except English language proficiency and GMAT/GRE score. 

An official TOEFL or IELTS score is not necessary. You can take the free Password English test to determine your English level. Contact us to take the test.

See admissions section for detailed academic and English language entrance requirements.

Progression on completion

After the Pre-Master's Program, successful students matriculate into a Widener University MBA degreeMaster of Engineering program, or master's in hospitality (full list of master's degrees is on the right).