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International career PREPARATIon and success of Widener students

When you choose Widener University, you gain powerful connections: an international network of successful alumni, and the top employers in the region and across America, which have strong internship and recruitment relationships with the University.

Career success

Widener University fully equips students for career success, through real-world experience that leads to entry with top employers. The international alumni network is active and growing. Focused, personalized career services give you a head start on landing the job of your dreams.

Widener University connects you with the mentors who will open doors to your career, the community of students and professors who will form your lifelong network, and the professional experiences that will lay the foundation for success.

Your entire Widener education focuses on preparing you to succeed. Challenging, relevant coursework combined with hands-on experience and practical learning opportunities provides you with an impressive resume.

Career development services

The Widener University Career Development Center helps you plan for your future. Services include:

  • mock job interviews
  • resume workshops
  • on-campus career fairs
  • career planning resources
  • database of internships and full-time positions
  • careers exploration and advising
  • help applying to graduate school

As a Widener graduate, you'll also have access to life-long career support services, alumni networking, and the latest career development resources.

Learning through real-world experience

Meaningful hands-on experience is embedded into every program at Widener. The majority of Widener students in all fields pursue an internship or fieldwork experience related to their major.

Unique 4-year Co-op program

A cooperative (co-op) education program means paid work becomes part of your bachelor's degree.

Widener University's Co-op program has built an excellent reputation with many top regional companies over 30 years. Widener University Co-op allows business, hospitality management, and engineering undergraduate students to gain up to a year of professional experience while completing their degree in four years.

This is achieved by studying or working during the summer semesters – in addition to the standard fall and spring academic semesters. There are options for 4-month, 8-month and 12-month Co-op within the 4-year bachelor's degree structure at Widener University.


Widener University will help you find on-the-job training and internship opportunities in the local area and Philadelphia. Internships provide valuable experience in your field of study

Through an extensive network of local, regional, and national partners you can find a position that fits your professional aspirations. You may do a field internship offering services to local residents, apply what you've learned within nonprofit organizations, or work with local businesses through Widener's Small Business Development Center.

Work in the USA: Optional Practical Training (OPT)

As an international student, you can extend your work experience opportunities in America with OPT (Optional Practical Training) - a US Government immigration scheme. Optional Practical Training allows undergraduate and graduate international students with F-1 visa status to work for 12 to 29 months on their student visa without needing to acquire a work visa.


James Stanford, Widener University alumnus

"I'm an experienced entrepreneur with over 25 years in visionary leadership, global management, and strategic product marketing. My background encompasses developing and running start-ups through to executive management roles in top Fortune 100 companies. I owe a significant part of my success to Widener University which played a pivotal role in my life. Widener welcomed me to the United States with open arms, helped me to transition into the culture, and built my confidence in myself which carried through to my career success. One thing for sure, I wouldn't be where I am today if I had started my higher education in a university other than Widener."

BS in Electrical Engineering,

James Stanford from Turkey